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17 septiembre, 2018 08:21 PM Enlace
My track “Dimensional models” on LDNwht 006, is now available at Hard Wax!
13 septiembre, 2018 07:10 PM Enlace
Resident Advisor September chart.

Tracks from Oscar Mulero (oficial), Vertical Spectrum, Singular Anomalies, Neel, Sleeparchive, Endplate, Kwartz, Patrick Walker, Portrait and myself.
12 septiembre, 2018 12:04 PM Enlace

Kessell - Raising our consciousness - Granulart Recordings [GR013]

Release date: 28/09/18

For our number 013 we have label boss and founder on command. Kessell delivers four slices of precise, expertly crafted modern techno. The minimum for the maximum motto works perfectly to describe this EP, nothing is left over, all the components are carefully chosen to convey sensations and say something.

Linear synth sequences constantly evolving, profound kicks and sharp hi frequencies, continuous arrangements and solid components, no drones, no breakdowns, no big reverbs. Functional tools for the real players out there.
10 septiembre, 2018 06:41 PM Enlace

Singular Anomalies - Theme 77 EP - Granulart Recordings [GRDIGI006]

Feedbacks from Oscar Mulero (oficial), Jeroen Search, Slam, RØDHÅD, Matrixxman, Jonas Kopp. Kr!z, Truncate, Samuli Kemppi, François X, DVS1, Ben Sims, Henning Baer, Tripeo, Aiken, Kwartz, Dimi Angélis, James Ruskin, Laurent Garnier, Ben Buitendijk, Peter Van Hoesen, Vince Watson...
10 septiembre, 2018 02:19 PM Enlace
©Pole Group
©Granulart Recordings
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08 septiembre, 2018 08:36 PM Enlace
Timetable ANTRA@LANNA Club

▪️00:00 Kessell
▪️03:00 Another Machines
▪️04:00 Aiken
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07 septiembre, 2018 03:41 PM Enlace
My lastest streaming at The Bass Valley by Klipsch.
04 septiembre, 2018 04:51 PM Enlace

Singular Anomalies - Theme 77 EP - Granulart Recordings [GRDIGI006]

Release date: 10/09/18

Granulart welcomes back Singular Anomalies. After his debut track on Uncover series, it was time for a full ep. Four spacied out and deep Techno tracks, strongly influenced by Detroit Techno.
01 septiembre, 2018 11:59 AM Enlace
Tonight Selección Natural with Oscar Mulero (oficial), Reeko and Exium at CONCRETE (Paris)
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29 agosto, 2018 09:17 PM Enlace
LDNwht 006 preview [O_o]

This cut through VA sees excellent additions to the series via standout material from SP-X, Kessell, Gareth Wild and End Train.
29 agosto, 2018 11:49 AM Enlace
Save the date!


ANTRA@LANNA Club with Aiken and Another Machines.

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28 agosto, 2018 11:24 AM Enlace
Juno Records chart.

Tracks and releases by Dold, Heartless, Sciahri, Acronym, Brendon Moeller Echologist Beat Pharmacy, Sigha, Neel, Desroi, Kuf techno music, Uun, Patrik Carrera, Dasha Rush, Ben Buitendijk, Patrick Walker, Tensalofficial.
24 agosto, 2018 04:47 PM Enlace
My Concerns Music podcast with tracklist.

Nørbak - Modir
allen - Override (unreleased)
Dold - Vision
Judas aka JUDAΣ - ID 12
Singular Anomalies - Confirmation bias (unreleased)
Anthony Linell / Abdulla Rashim - Dissolvement
Kessell - Afterlife (unreleased)
Desroi - Dwell in motion
Oscar Mulero (oficial)- Unnoticed absence (unreleased)
Kessell - Modal operator (unreleased)
MODDULLAR - Ordinary mind
Oscar Mulero - Out of field (unreleased)
JLTZ - Paranoid
Fixeer - Vectors
Lewis Fautzi - Modern humans (unreleased)
Kessell - Raising our consciousness (unreleased)
Kwartz - Altered states of consciousness
Desroi - Lines of sight
Izars - Submerged
REALMZ - Hybrid 9
21 agosto, 2018 02:10 PM Enlace
Kessell - Raising our consciousness - Granulart Recordings [GR013]

Release date: 28/09/18

14 agosto, 2018 10:05 AM Enlace
Today 14.08 from 18:00, Live streaming at The Bass Valley by Klipsch alongside Oscar Mulero (oficial) and PEARL / Falling Ethics.
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13 agosto, 2018 08:54 PM Enlace
My podcast for Concerns Music is now online, go and listen to it!
07 agosto, 2018 01:26 PM Enlace
New set for Concerns Music in a few days, meanwhile this is my lastest podcast for Køsmos.
24 julio, 2018 10:16 AM Enlace
Kessell - Kalliope from Transparent EP - Granulart Recordings [GR004]
23 julio, 2018 10:31 AM Enlace
Photo album DOX presents REVOLT label night at Old Prison, Malta
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19 julio, 2018 09:00 PM Enlace
New Granulart Recordings by Kessell and new Pole Group by Exium coming soon!
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